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-The only kayak that can convert from a Paddle kayak to a Pedal Drive using our unique drive adapter! 

-Drive Adapter FLOATS!  Your pedal drive.

-Tank well scupper recessed to fit the Attwood live bait pump.  

- Transducer scupper provided at the bow.

- Recessed Yak Attack tracks provided.  Multiple options for mounting  various accessories.
- Adjustable Foot braces!

Patented Design : Wave piercing bow with  Twin keels provide great tracking ability.  Designed with thicker material to take abrasion / abuse without deforming.

Storage: Centre hatch w/ pod ( 12×16″ ).  Massive cargo well plus bow storage for  batteries/ wiring etc.
Two Flush mount rod holders are included as standard equipment.  

Plush Seating Comfort: An affordable boat seat only found on high end powerboats!  

Shop for a seat that's right for you with our unique seat base adapter.


WIDTH: 34″
WEIGHT: 76 lbs ( excluding seat )
MSRP Base Price: $1,499.00 (basic with seat & gear pod)
MSRP Base Price: $1,699.00 (with rudder/ drive adapter kit)

Available Colours:
Urban Camo (Blue & Black) | Black Mango (Olive, Yellow, Black) | Yellow| Red Sunset (Red & Black)
Sunrise (Red, Orange, Yellow) | Key Lime (Green & Black) | Sierra Camo (Tan, Grey Black) | Avalanche (White)

Made in USA !   99.9% of all our parts are made using US manufactured sources.

Raptor G2