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"Actions speak louder than words"

Check out this video...'Italo', of Canadian Sport Fishing try's out the RaptorG2 giving it his thumbs up as being an excellent fishing Kayak!!!

This evolutionary seat base allows the entire seat to be installed and removed in seconds, using the patent pending Quick Latch System.
Raptor Canada is the exclusive Ontario distributor of Santa Cruz Kayaks.

Sand, Yellow,  Red Triangle, Sierra Camo, Sunrise, and  The Black Mango.

What's all the fuss? OPTIONS! COMFORT! STABILITY! With Raptor Canada, it’s all about options. One of our goals is to give you a basic understanding of what accessory options are without  confusing you with unnecessary details. We have comfortable seats, live bait tank, different mounting possibilities, rudder/motor mounts, and so much more. 

With a variety of colors to choose from you'll stand out from the rest and everybody wins!

NEW Seating Options: higher positioning and greater comfort so you can remain comfortable for hours. Now offering a seat base solution which allows for a variety of premium cushioned seats to adapt to the Raptor Sit-on-Top (SOT).